Friday, February 15, 2013

Korean singer G-Dragon

Born on August 18, 1988, G-Dragon, (real name:Ji Yong Kwon), is the leader of the popular Korean boyband, "Big Bang". He is known for his Hip Hop style of music. Especially his hit-songs "Lies" and "Heaven". He is known for his various stylish haircuts.

G-Dragon is known for his Oval Shaped Face and sweet smile. Since he has such face shape, he is able to wear almost any kind of hairstyle. From very short to medium long haircuts, he looks very nice.

G-Dragon's photos are worth more than a thousand words. He surely looks in style with what haircuts. In current South Korea, most of his hairstyles are the trendy haircuts for guys.

Surely, G-Dragon can totally pull off any kind of funky hairstyle. From light to thick volumed hairstyles, it all fits along with his face shape. He usually wears pretty thick volumed haircuts.

Indeed, in addition to G-Dragon's trendy hairstyles he holds a special charisma around him.

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